Free V bucks hack – How to Free v bucks Hack

 How to get Fortnite free v bucks hack?

V Bucks is essential in Fortnite game. It is the Fortnite in-game currency that helps the player to purchase different stuff including Skins, harvesting tools, cosmetic items, gliders, and various other things.

Fortnite is an online video game, and developers also want to earn some money from their hard work to keep on maintaining and upgrading the Fortnite game.

Due to which they launch V Bucks in the Fortnite game that a player can purchase via the real money. However, there are various other free v bucks hack that can help you to get a lot of Fortnite V bucks for free.

Players can also buy the V bucks purchase real money which is the easiest way, but in this article, I will tell about free v bucks hack which will assist the player in getting V bucks without paying a single money.

1.  Daily Log-Ins

This is among the easiest free V bucks hack. You can earn some amount of V bucks through this Daily login method but it’s quite slow.

To get V bucks through this method, you need to login to the game every day. Every time you log in to the Fortnite game, they will reward you with some V bucks.

Other than the V bucks these, logins can also reward various other stuff cosmetic items for free.  So you don’t need to forget to log in to your Fortnite account each day if you want to enjoy free in-game currency.

However, the V bucks earn through this method are quite less, but still, they are free, and you should not miss the opportunity.

2.How To Free V Bucks Hack?

Fortnite v bucks hack for follow his instruction.

At first visit fortnite v bucks hack page.

Just click the get started button.

Enter your user name of fortnite game, select your platform and click the connect button.

How to use connecting to your account try to follow three-step.

Select your packet like that 1000,2500,6000,10000 v bucks.

V bucks

Verification you is a human it is very important for free v bucks hack.

Complete only one of the offers below to verify you are human.

When all most all done please check your email address and fortnite game account.

3.  Daily Quests

Completing Daily quests is another excellent option to consider if you want to earn free V bucks. After you have entered the core Fortnite game, you will see daily Quests.

These daily quests are like the Daily Challenges that are located in Battle Royale. The daily quests represent various new missions on a regular bases.

Players will be given different tasks in the daily quests, and after completing those tasks, the player will earn some V bucks. These tasks might ask you to eliminate X amount of enemies, or complete X missions, etc. 

Most of the daily quests offer a minimum of 50 V bucks, while few daily quests grants V bucks more than the average amount offer by other tasks.

The Quest is provided on a daily basis, and if you don’t complete the given Quest, then the new quest will be including the next day.

However, the maximum number of Quest that you may see in a single time is three, and if you wish to see some other quest, then you need to complete one task from the given three quests.

The daily Quests are present at the main menu of Fortnite game. So don’t miss these free V bucks hack if you don’t want to spend real money on the V bucks. 

4.  Storm Shield Missions

Storm Shield Missions also authorize players to earn V bucks. These are the missions present in every four areas. Storm Shield missions can be unlocked as you proceed the Save the World mode.

Each area comes up with six other Storm Shield Missions as you start it, while the remaining four mission can be access as Side Quests which you will get after progressing further in the game.

Most of these Storm Shield missions provide up to 100 V bucks except a single mission. The 10th task will grant 150 V bucks after completion. So don’t miss these missions, if you want to get free v bucks hack.

5.  Challenges and other Side Quests

These Side Quests and Challenges are different from the daily quests that I mentioned earlier in the article. However, keep it in mind that not all Side quests offer v bucks.

Some of the side quests provide various cosmetics items, and a few may not even give those rewards. However, some of these quests yield up to 150 V bucks.

Coming towards the challenges, they are also diverse from Side quests. These challenges get revealed during the different intervals of the game.

The player can finish challenges up to 10 times, and the good thing about these tasks is that you can earn up to 50 V bucks after each completion. 

6.  Events

You may also see multiple events within the Fortnite game. These events are valid free V bucks hack that gift higher among of in-game currency. Other than V bucks, a player can also be awarded tons of items after completing these events.

These events usually occur on a weekly basis and contain many challenges. If you want to experience these events, you can go to the main menu of Fortnite game.

7.  Timed Missions

Timed Missions are an additional form of task that comes in free v bucks hack. These tasks grant bonus rewards including heroes, Skin, Emotes, back bling as well as V bucks.

The timed missions are represented with a clock sign on the map, and these missions change after every 24 hours. However, not all these missions render V bucks. Mostly mini-boss missions come up with the V bucks reward.


All the above-stated methods are available, and you earn free v bucks hack from them.

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